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How Are We Different?


Commerical car wash establishments wash numerous vechicles day in, day out.

You can imagine the amount of grit and dust particles that get picked up and trapped in their sponges... Now imagine those gritty sponges being dragged across your car's bodywork, scratch marks and swirl marks are inevitable! We use carefully selected genuine sheepskin wash mitts along with grit guards in our buckets to help prevent scratches and swirl marks from being inflicted on to your cars paintwork.


We have a fully fitted van consisting of onboard water & electricity supply so we can valet your vehicle almost anywhere- work place or home. Simply decide on the level of service you require or call us for free advice/ recommendation and we'll take care of the rest.


We have invested in a large 20ft x 10ft portable water reclamation mat, if there is a need for this, it may be possible, but please contact us to discuss this option. 


We have full Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.


Welcome to Bespoke Shine!


Here at Bespoke Shine we are car enthusiasts who are passionate about making vehicles look their best. We are proud of our reputation and honest reliable service. We use a variety of premium branded car detailing products that have been personally tested on our own cars, so we only use products that meet our approval. We aim to provide each customer with a bespoke service, whether it's for an upcoming car show or end of lease valet, tell us what you would like done. Or, choose from one of our popular packages that we have already put together.

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