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Examples Of Our Services

Example 2

Our customer has purchased this new vehicle, they told us they wanted something to help protect the bodywork and wheels and to maintain the 'new car look' for as long as possible. 


The vehicle was pressure washed, snow foamed, washed using a two-bucket method, and hand dried. Wheel arches were also pressure washed and scrubbed.


The diamond-cut alloy wheels were cleaned using a non-acidic wheel cleaner. PoorBoys Wheel Sealant was applied for protection. The tyres were dressed with Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel. 


A layer of Finish Kare High Temp Paste wax was applied to the exterior bodywork and exhaust tips.


Door shuts were wiped down and dried off.


The interior and car mats were vacuumed, dashboard and fascias were cleaned using diluted G101 interior cleaner.


The leather seats are in good condition, as expected. They were vacuumed, wiped over and dried. 


For the above work carried out, the total charge to the customer was £65.


Future Care:

We have recommended the customer to have a bi-weekly standard valet service to keep up the maintenance. A full valet service was recommended every 2-3 months, this is to ensure the wax protection is maintained and leather interior stays conditioned to prevent it drying out.







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