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Services & Packages

Below are some of the popular services that we have combined into packages. You may choose from one of the packages below or you can come up with your own, just let us know which services you would like carried out and we will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quote.


Please note: there is a surcharge for heavily soiled interiors or exteriors on vehicles, also if pet hair removal is required.


Regular customers (use us at least once a month) can benefit from a 20% discount on our Silver package.



  Silver package, plus:


  • Traffic Film Remover Applied.


  • Deep Cleanse with Iron Remover.


  • Tar Removal carried out.


  • Carpets & Boot Shampoo Cleaned using Wet Vac.

      (Leather Cleaned).


  • Upholstery Shampoo Cleaned using Wet Vac.


  • Hand apply a coat of Polish.


  • Hand apply a coat of Protective Wax.


  * Small Hatchback/ Saloon £80

  * Medium Car £90

  * 4x4 / 7 Seater £100




  • Vacuum & Shampoo Carpets & Upholstery (seats), or Leather seats Cleaned & Conditioned.


  • Door Cards Washed using Wet Vac.


  • Interior Trims Cleaned & Dressed.


  • Dashboard,Centre Console Treated.


  • Boot Vacuumed & Shampooed using Wet Vac.


  • Interior Glass Cleaned.



 * Small Hatchback/ Saloon £50

 * Medium Car £55

 * 4x4 £60

 * 7 Seater £70






  • Pressure Wash & Snow Foam.


  • Wash, Rinse & Dry.


  • Deep Clean Wheels & Dress Tyres. 


  • Clean/ Scrub Wheel Arches.


  • Trims Cleaned/Conditioned.


  • Exterior/ Interior Windows Washed/ Polished.


  • Carpets, Seats, Mats, Boot Vacuumed.


  • Ashtray Emptied/ Litter Removed.


  • Dashboard & Fascia Polished & Protected.


  • Door Shuts Wiped & Cleaned.


 * Small Hatchback/ Saloon £50

 * Medium Car £60

 * 4x4 / 7 Seater £70




  • Deep cleanse paintwork. A Clay bar is used to remove embedded industrial fallout, tree sap & other contaminants. 


  • A hand machine polisher & individually selected gentle polishing compound used to buff up paintwork. Surface blemishes, light swirls can be removed or minimized. Faded paintwork can be restored.


  •  Polish & Wax paintwork to a high gloss, using premium quality wax & polish.


  • Exterior rubber, metal, plastic trims, cleaned & conditioned.


  •  Alloy wheels are deep cleansed & wheel sealant is applied for protection.


  • Windscreen applied with rain repellent. 


      Prices From £150

  • Alloy wheels sealed with Protective Sealant £15-£20

  • Carnuaba Wax Protection £10-£15


  • Exhaust Tailpipes Degreased, Polished Up  £8-£10

  • Surface Detailing with Clay £50-£90

  • Fabric Guard Seats £50-£70


We also welcome work on commercial vehicles, caravans, boats etc.


We offer a 'Spray Off' service, vehicles & their under carriages are pressured washed and dirt scrubbed off to help get rid of surface dirt & grime build up. A popular service for commerical vans. 


Prices From £10


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