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Examples Of Our Services

Example 1

Our customer requested for a standard valet to be carried out as part of a maintenance routine. The vehicle is fairly well maintained but is driven on a daily basis so dirt build up both inside and outside is inevitable. 


The car was pressure washed, snow foamed, washed using a two-bucket method, and hand dried. A few tar spots were noticed so we proceeded to remove those. Wheel arches were also pressure washed and scrubbed.


The wheels were cleaned using Bilberry wheel cleaner, they weren't heavily embedded with brake dust so a light 1:5 dilution was used. The tyres were dressed with Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel.


Door shuts were cleaned and dried.


The interior and car mats were vacuumed, dashboard and fascias were polished. 


The leather seats are in good condition, they were vacuumed, wiped down and dried.


For the above work carried out, the total charge to the customer was £40.


Future Care:

We have recommended the customer to have a wax layer applied as it was evident there is no wax protection on the bodywork at present. 


Other recommendations for top maintenance included wheel sealant and leather condition service to keep the leather looking newer for longer.





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